Gecko – Control, Gecko in.xm2-8, Less Heat, w/o Cords – 0601-221104


This part includes the replacement box only. IN.XM2-8-1-2-K-K-B-K-O-K-R-GD1 This Control System is WiFi Compatible, please see Tech Tips for information. This innovative in.xm Aeware by Gecko spa control system contains available circuits as described below. To activate the circuit, simply remove the colored key enclosures from the field unit, replace the blanks on the new control box with the key enclosures, and plug in the existing cables. That’s it! Output circuit for in.therm remote heating system, 230v High Current Pump 1 circuit, 1 or 2 speed, 230v, 20A max High Current Pump 2 circuit, 1 or 2 speed, 230v, 20A max High Current Pump 3 or HC Blower circuit, 1 speed, 230v, 15A max Four Low Current AC relay-controlled circuits for circulation pump, blower, ozonator, or fiber box, 115v or 230v, 5A max One Low Current AC direct power circuit for audio/visual accessories, 115v, 5A max Installation and Instruction manual Two-Year manufacturer’s limited return and repair warranty

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More Information

  • Power box display and buttons
  • Light or CoolRays connector
  • Accessory connector (in.pocket, in.terface, SpaWatch, etc.)
  • General I/O connector (IR receiver*)
  • in.keys main and aux. keypad connectors
  • Connector for direct 120/240 vac 5 Amp output  (for audio or video accessories)
  • 4 connectors for outputs controlled by 4 independent relays (for oz, cp, light, blower and any other accessories) (120/240 vac 5 Amp)
  • Pump output connector (for 15 amp single speed pump) (120/240 vac)
  • 2 output connectors for pumps (rated for dual speed pumps up to 20 amp at 240 vac only)
  • Output connectors for in.therm remote heating system (240 vac)