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Watkins Hot Spring Tiger River Caldera Silentflo 5000 - E5-NSHNNN1_14 Pump E5 - 74427

Watkins Hot Spring Tiger River Caldera Silentflo 5000 - E5-NSHNNN1_14 Pump E5 - 74427

Watkins Hot Spring Tiger River Silentflo 5000 - E5-NSHNNN1_14 Pump E5 - 74427

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Replaces Silentflo 5000

This New E5 circ pump!SilentFlo E5 circ pump replaces all previous versions of single speed circulation pumps.

The new E5 replaces the SilentFlo® 5000 and all previous style single speed circulation pumps on all Hot Spring and Tiger River spa models from 1986 to 2009. The E5 was introduced in March of 2008 as the premier upgrade/replacement circulation pump.  The compact size and flexible positioning (can mount vertically on the sidewall of the equipment compartment) has won it favor with Hot Spring dealers worldwide. This little jewel uses less electricity and moves more water per minute than its predecessor, the Silentflo 5000. When you refill your spa and power it up this "next generation" magnetic drive slowly ramps up to insure that it's well primed with water. The position of the suction/inlet is 1-11/16" from the floor which is the same as the Silentflo 5000. The return/discharge is 4-1/4" off the floor same as the Silentflo 5000. This flexible pump can also mount on its side without the need to secure it to the floor of the equipment compartment with the attached bracket. The impeller is accessible simply by unscrewing the top ring of the pump. The circulation pump draws water through the circulation pump filter (1989 forward spas) and then pushes it through the heater, ozone injector (if equipped) and back into the spa through the heater return fitting or floor drain. It circulates twenty percent more gallons per minute than the Silentflo 5000 yet uses nearly half the wattage. Impressive!

Note: These circulation pumps are water lubricated and cooled and require the presence of water at all times. These pumps should NOT be operated without water present in the spa. If a "dry run" occurs , the pump has an internal safety device (thermal cut-off) that will automatically shut it down should it overheat. To reset this pump simply power down the spa for 10 seconds then power it back up.

Technical Specs: 115volts/ 35 watts (6,000 Gallons every 24 hours)

Hot Spring Models
Model Serial Range Year
All models   1986-2009
Tiger River Models
Model Serial Range Year
All models   1992-2009


Removal of old pump
  1. Disconnect power to the spa.
  2. Access the equipment compartment.
  3. Unplug the circulation pump from the control box.
  4. If the spa is filled with water, clamp the circulation pump inlet and outlet tubing with Hose Clamp Pliers or insert wine bottle corks into the ends of the tubing.
  5. Remove the bonding wire and base bracket screws.
  6. Use pliers to slide the spring clamps located on the inlet and outlet fittings back onto the vinyl tubing.
  7. Remove the vinyl tubing from the pump inlet and outlet fittings.
  8. Disconnect the electrical cord for the old pump. Take note of the electrical hookup.


Installation of the new pump

  1. Install the original electrical cord onto the new pump.
  2. Reverse steps 3 to 7 of the Circulation Pump Removal instructions.
  3. Check for water leaks.
  4. Reconnect power to the spa.
  5. Perform a water flow test.
  6. Check for any air in the plumbing lines. If air does not clear, bleed off the air at the closest tubing clamp.
  7. Reinstall the equipment compartment door.

Replaces: PN:34378, 73491, A-05-280-502, LTI P/N: 7060,70813, 73588, 72204